Garden and Crop Seeds

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These seeds were selected for their beauty, productivity, nutrition, and northern climate adaptation. They are all functional for ornamental gardens as well as for livestock feed and human consumption.

Grey Stripped Russian Mammoth Sunflower

This Sunflower grows 8-14 feet tall for us, depending on how well it’s taken care of. The flower heads are 17-24 inches across, and full of thick seeds. I grow it for animal feed. Sunflower seeds are high in protein and oil. These help our rabbits, chickens, and pigs when they need a more concentrated diet. Sunflowers are incredibly cold hardy and one of the earliest seeds to come up in the spring. It”s by far my most popular seed.

  • 1/4 oz (approx 80 seeds) $5
  • 1 oz (approx 320 seeds) $10
  • 4 oz (approx 1,280 seeds) $20-SOLD OUT
  • 1lb. (approx 5,120 seeds) $40-SOLD OUT

Di Vigevano Pink Bush Bean

Unavailable for 2024, I’m sorry. We had an issue with a winter fungus in the bean seeds and although I should still be able to grow a functional crop from them, I have decided not to place that batch of seed on the market.

Atomic Orange Corn

This is the earliest corn I’ve ever found. I planted it three weeks late and still harvested it a month before the local cornfields were quite ready. It grows a short 4-6 foot stalk and has eight rows of kernels per cob. The ears are thin but grew between 5 and 10 inches for me with about 7 as the most common. It’s a high-protein flint corn, but a soft flint for easier digestion by animals. It has higher beta-carotene than any other corn to date. I grow it because it’s so very early and high in protein for a grain (10-13% protein). I average 2.5 ounces of corn per ear and 1.7 ears per plant.

  • 1/2 oz (approx 45 seeds) $5-Temporarily SOLD OUT
  • 4-oz approx 360 seeds) $15
  • 1 lb. (approx 1440 seeds) $35
  • 5 lbs. (approx 7,200 seeds) $60
  • 25 lbs. (approx 36,000 seeds) $100-SOLD OUT

Early Pink

This is an early-yielding flint corn, and also a popcorn. It’s higher in protein, (approx 11% protein) and has an amazing crunch when popped. It’s a northern-climate hardy variety. I acquired my original seeds from Quebec. It grows 5-7 foot stalks and has a fairly thick ear with small but heavy kernels. I average 4 ounces of corn per ear and 2 ears per plant.

  • 1/2-oz (approx 100 seeds) $5 -Temporarily SOLD OUT
  • 1/4 lb. approx 400 seeds) $15
  • 1lb. (approx 1600 seeds) $35
  • 5 lbs. (approx 8,000 seeds) $60
  • 25 lbs. (approx 40,000 seeds) $100

This is the largest, latest variety I grow. It takes me around 110 to 120 days from planting to harvest. It’s a very high protein (12-13%) corn and can grow to giant proportions in good conditions. I grew the one above in a drought. in good conditions, my ears averaged 12 inches with some cresting past 18 inches. It was developed in mid-Michigan and can handle our shorter season if managed well. Stalks grow past 12 feet and are great for silage. I grow this for animal feed and for cornmeal. It can produce any range of colors. It averages 1.6 ears per stalk for me. I have averaged anywhere between 8 and 16 ounces of corn per ear. I have it available in three lines. Full Landrace, Darker Selection, and Red Selection. The landrace is a true variety, the others are in progress. Let me know what lines you’re interested in.

Notice– SOLD OUT of all color variations except brown.

  • 1/2-oz (approx 30 seeds) $5
  • 1/4 lb. (approx 240 seeds) $15
  • 1 lb. (approx 960 seeds) $35
  • 5 lbs. (approx 3,450 seeds) $60– SOLD OUT
  • 25 lbs. (approx 17,250 seeds) $100– SOLD OUT

This is a variety in progress. I bred it out of Early Pink. It’s a popcorn with the most amazing, patriotic colors. It is about the same size as early pink. While it’s not a finished variety yet, a lot of people have been asking so I’m selling some. I have been getting 2 and 3 ears per stalk.

  • 1/2-oz (approx 100 seeds) $5
  • 1/4 lb. approx 400 seeds) $15
  • 1lb. (approx 1600 seeds) $35-SOLD OUT
  • 5 lbs. (approx 8,000 seeds) $60– SOLD OUT
  • 25 lbs. (approx 40,000 seeds) $100– SOLD OUT

Grandpa’s Rhubarb

This is the best-tasting rhubarb I’ve found. We don’t know what the actual variety name may have been, but my market customers come back for it all summer long. Its stalks are sweeter, crisper, and smoother than other varieties. I received my original stock from my wife’s grandpa as a wedding gift. It’s not the earliest harvesting rhubarb I’ve grown, but it does better all summer long than most.

  • 875mg (approx 55 seeds) $5
  • 4 gm (approx 250 seeds) $10
  • 16 gm (approx 1,000 seeds) $20– SOLD OUT