About Northern Homesteading

Northern Homesteading is an informational site designed to help people learn practical ways to start and run a homestead. I ( Jordy Buck) am big on keeping things simple, healthy, and sustainable for us and the world around us.

We live on and operate Cairnstone Farm in Ensley Center, MI

Our farm is called Cairnstone. It’s named after the piles of stones (cairns) stacked around. There have been so many large stones removed from the dirt here. We literally started filling in potholes on the dirt road with them.

The goal of Northern Homesteading is to simply help people. If I’m not doing that, I better re-evaluate things. My wife and I agree our calling in life is to use our homestead and love of the simple things to promote family values and to help people.

Hi, I’m Jordy Buck.

About Jordy Buck

I started down the path of a self-reliant lifestyle as a necessity. Times were tough and money was hard to come by. I found a cheap trailer house in the country and made do with what I needed. Cutting back and doing without helped me make do, but the most important lesson was learning just how much I could do for myself.

Being self-reliant has provided for my family with both security and sustenance. Selling produce at the farmer’s market now provides income as well.

I believe in sustainable, wholesome farming and nothing less. Farms should be clean, open, and inviting to people. Here’s my pledge:

As a farmer, I am a steward of the land and its animals.
My job is to feed both people and nature, to build up the world around me.
Farmers are healers of the land and providers of the people.
I will do my best to keep a clean and healthy environment that would be pleasing to God.

This website and the YouTube channel Homestead Knowhow are both part of the same brand and completely run by myself. I also own, create content for, and manage guntradition.com and the YouTube channel Gun Tradition.

You can find me in the Homestead Knowhow Facebook group, and on the permies.com forums.